You’re here. Woo-hoo! I am excited to tell you about myself and why this is the place to be.

I am Yash Khemka and I am from Kolkata- The city of joy. Thank you for checking out the about me page. Digital marketing was never my career choice but I guess destiny had something else planned for me.
I have done my graduation. My dream was to do an MBA but my 3rd-year results shattered me completely as I realized that I can’t pursue my dream anymore. It took me months to recover from that.
Then I thought of doing a digital marketing course and after a lot of research, I joined Digital Vidya. I learned many things and was happy with the decision I took. I realized one thing that digital marketing is not something that anybody can learn in 6 months. It is a continuous learning process. I started my blog related to digital marketing. I have started this blog to provide all the basic information about digital marketing and its various domains.
I believe that digital marketing is the future. I will try my best to put into words what I have learned and help learn anyone interested in this field in a simpler yet effective manner and at the same time learn and grow myself.
You can also connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Yash Khemka